Huna Shamanism

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I study Huna because it works for me. As a shaman, I’m able to put my skills as an animal communicator, psychic medium, and energetic healer, under one umbrella. As an alaka’i, I’m able to add spiritual counseling into that mix.

Spiritual counseling is not something new for me, I have a master’s in Human Behavior and have been a tarot reader most of my life. A skill which is hard to separate counseling from. It is not something I have ever offered, however, because I felt an ethic responsibility to no offer these services as an unlicensed therapist, or un-ordained minister.  As an alaka’i, however, I legitimize those skills in the eyes of the law.

What I bring is a unique perspective mixed with my personal experience, my psychology background, my spiritual knowledge and Huna point of view. I believe Huna offers a perspective that affords people the option of exploring their spiritual beliefs while using grounded philosophies and methods to manifest a better life.

Services include: