About Lisa (Ke ola o ka lio)

Lisa018Welcome. My name is Lisa Larson. I first heard of, and began to study, Huna when I was in my early 20’s. (Let’s not talk about how long ago that was.) 😉

Something about it felt right for me. I have never been religious, and Huna was the perfect combination of my metaphysical and spiritual beliefs, combined with a grounded, psychology based philosophy.

 have a Master’s Degree in human behavior, a Bachelor’s Degree in liberal arts/media communication, and two Associate in Arts Degrees: one in liberal arts, the other in media communications. I was also in one of the early graduating classes of the prestigious Musician’s Institute (formally known as Guitar Institute of Technology.)

In my early years, I had thought that I would be a professional musician, which I was until a series of neck and back injuries ended my career. In searching for something to replace music (which nothing ever could, until now) most recently, I was a college professor for 15 years, teaching communication, media and film studies. I have worked, however, in different capacities, with people needing assistance on such issues as relationships, career, spirituality, abuse survival, food addiction (ie: weight loss) and drug addiction, Becoming an Alaka’i (spiritual teacher/leader) has afforded me the opportunity to help people in a way I haven’t been able to before.

On a personal level, loves and interests are my cats, my husband, photography, drawing and sewing. I currently live in Southern California with my husband and the spirit of our two, recently passed, fur-babies, Cuba and Makana.