What is Huna?

What is peopleonmtHuna?

“If it works, it’s Huna”
~ Huna Saying.

Huna is an ancient Hawaiian belief system, which largely relates to the “Law of Attraction. Huna is not a religion, but a philosophy on how to live life.

In this basic philosophy there are seven basic principals, four levels of reality and three selves. Using these concepts and principals in your life is congruent with all belief systems and religions. You use what works for you, and leave the rest. “If it works, it’s Huna.”


orangerocksSeven Basic Principals of Huna

  1. The World Is What You Think It Is (Ike)
  2. There are no limits (Kala)
  3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes (Makia)
  4. Now Is The Moment Of Power (Manawa)
  5. To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something) (Aloha)
  6. All Power Comes From Within (Mana)
  7. Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth (Pono)

Seven Basic Principals Chart


cloudsFour Levels of Reality

  • Scientific/Physical: Everything is objective and factual. We are bound by physical, scientific laws.
  • Subjective/Psychic: All things are connected, the world is defined not only by facts but by psychic and/or telepathic experiences
  • Symbolic/Shamanic/Dream: All of our experiences can be viewed and interpreted as symbolic, as a dream.
  • Holistic/Mystical: Everything in the universe is one. Everything is made up of energy, and all energy is connected.

universeThree Selves

  • Ku: The subconscious
    • Holds our memories
  • Lono: The conscious mind
    • Makes our decisions
  • Kane (or Aumakua): The superconscious or “higher self.”
    • Connected with source

The goal is to balance all three selves, having them work in concert.