Animal Communication & Energy Healing

Lisa Larson
Animal Communicator, Animal Medium & Reiki Master

  • Trained by internationally known Animal Communicators Carol Gurney & Marta Williams
  • Connect with your animals, alive and crossed over
  • Specialties: Animals in Spirit & Behavioral Problems
  • Reiki Master, Huna Shaman and Energetic Healer
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I can connect with your pet to assist with:

  • Speaking to your pet(s) in spirit after they have crossed
  • Behavioral problems
  • lisa-pony croppedFear & abandonment issues 
  • Family relocations 
  • Being alone while you are away
  • Introduction to a new family member (human or animal)
  • Pet’s grief after losing a beloved companion
  • Helping an ill pet cross into spirit
  • Helping pets be happier
  • Simply connecting with your pet to know him/her better 
  • (Missing pets are not my speciality, I do them for established clients on occasion
    but please see my referrals page for missing pets.)

I use energetic healing (reiki) to ease:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety & grief 
  • Managing pain from illness or injury 
  • Accelerating the recovery process of an illness or injury 
  • Easing transitions (ie: family moves or introductions to new family member)
  • Creating a sense of well-being 
  • Assisting in the grief process after losing a beloved companion 

The difference between communicating with your animals and performing reiki on them is this:

  • When I communicate with them, I ask them for their perspective on things, just as I would have a conversation with you.
  • When I perform reiki, I open myself up as a clear channel to let healing life force energy (mana) flow through me into the animal.

Although the two serve different purposes, they nevertheless go hand in hand towards the total health and well-being of your beloved pet. Yet either can be used, individually, depending upon your animal’s needs.

I invite you to read further in these pages to understand the why’s and how’s of animal communication and how it can benefit both you and your animals.

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